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Possibly the greatest genre of music of our time. Most influential and innovential music that makes every genre look completely helpless, rapping about having sex with some fat black bitch in an alley way. Classic Rock is a genre that is a mixture of awesome backround music and genious lyrics that takes true talent and a love for good music.
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, America, Eric Clapton, The Cars, Lynard Skynard, Guns 'n' Roses, ZZ Top, etc....
by MissBarry February 08, 2005

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BEER RUN!! a concept in which alchohol is limited at a party and/or kickback. And a few drunken individuals decide to go to a Circle K or Quick Mart...Run in grab a 30 pack or two, run out, and drive away.... works every time!
Steven- DUDE!! theres only 2 beers left
Other Dude- lets go make a B-Double E- Double R-U-N
Steven- totally
by MissBarry February 07, 2005

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Derives from the ever popular movie american pie. as in: "this one time at band camp." But now has more wide range of usage. Guys who are usually stoners or alcoholics use this term to reflect on one or more experiences they've had while under the influence. And wish to use this term to enlighten us all about the joys and wonders of "trppin"
Stoner Dude: This one time me and Bob were totally trippin out in the back alley way behind Fry's. Then all of a sudden we here these sirens, so we run. And then we just keep runnin and runnin till we reach this babes house and theres like 8 naked chicks in this hot tub. and we just went back there and then i checked my roley. it was already 7 o'clock. past my curfew. my probation officer would kill me. so i had to bounce on home. but man it was trippy.
by MissBarry February 04, 2005

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At the very most peak of it's greatness in all of it's splendor.
Stupid Drunk Hobo: "And then you'll sue her for hitting you on your bike. Not just for a regular bike, a super deluxe ultra bike with a refrigerator for the gas tank, and plasma screen t.v.'s on the handle-bars!"
Other Drunken Hobo:"Duuuude!"
by MissBarry February 07, 2005

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Idiot pieces of worthless shit that have no contribution to this country what-so-ever and would rather take most of their time protesting against everything. Meaning: Making weed legal, oh yeah and the rights of free willy.... who knows nothing, like you. Go smoke your god-forsaken bong, get a frikin job, and fall off the face of this earth. LOSERS, who consist of mostly: hippies, tree-huggers, people with a John Kerry bumper sticker, and bums.... because they want free health-care... whatever
Liberal Pussy: I'm going to go protest against everything today, then I'm gonna go have sex with my dog, and then after that I am gonna go smoke some crytal-meth out of my pipe! Who'da thunk?!
Me: You! need to shut the F*** up and let us protect the country. And stay out of our way, liberal pussies
by MissBarry February 07, 2005

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