A meme that was spread in early 2018 that usually involved someone being interrupted while saying something and the person interrupting them somehow commits suicide and has a funeral in what must be a few seconds. The person finishes what they were saying while visiting their grave. Very sad.
Girl: "how much do u love me?"
Boy: "1..."
Girl: "omg ur so mean i hate you!"
*girl commits suicide*
*boy visits girls grave*
This is so sad
Can we hit 50 likes
by Slіm Shady June 14, 2018
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If you ask me what I think about the latest political speeches I would have to say So Sad.
by Randy Fitzwater August 15, 2007
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A phrase usually followed by "Alexa? Play despacito"
*At a funeral*
Man 1: F
Man 2: F indeed
Man 1: this is so sad, Alexa? play despacite
Alexa: Playing despacito
by 11th grade no-body October 9, 2019
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i really dont care but im going to pretend i do
nikkii: i lost my kandy
hanch: aww so sad
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