Gulf coast, began in the days of rap with the whole east coast (first), west coast (second) rivalry.
I'm third coast born!
by 420island April 24, 2006
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Gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana. Refers to a genre of music including Austin-based alt-country, folk, and zydego.
The third coast radio program plays artists like Robert Earl Keene, and Buckwheat Zydego.
by NikkLou April 22, 2006
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1third coast
2dirty third
3a term for texas
by hustle town March 1, 2005
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This term was used by Nashville music insiders 30 years ago to refer to Nashville and the country music business. There was even a bar called "The Third Coast."
Some west coast people are popping down to the third coast to do lunch.
by Janelight April 22, 2006
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Slang for the shores of the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Michigan and more specifically Chicago; also known locally to Chicagoans as The Lakefront. The term Third Coast has its origins in Midwestern annoyance at East and West Coast attitudes (namely, the ones that forget there's an entire country out there in the heartland between sea coasts that doesn't need New York or L.A. in order to continue to exist).
1. Prominent Third Coast authors include mystery writer Sara Paretsky, lawyer turned novelist Scott Turow, and poet Marc Smith, originator of the infamous poetry slams at the Green Mill Lounge.
2. Dude, I'm headed down Lake Shore Drive for the Third Coast Festival. You coming?
by mrtraska April 22, 2006
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Third Coast is a term to describe the highly urbanized stretch of U.S. cities and large towns along the Great Lakes shoreline. This area is generally considered to be bordered by Southeast Wisconsin on the West and Upstate New York on the East.

It is referred to as the Third Coast because politically and socially, it aligns more with coastal states than the rest of so-called "Middle America." It also shares a lot of physical similarities (such as beaches) which are commonly thought to only exist on the coasts.

Recently, residents of Chicago have tried to claim their city alone is synonymous with Third Coast. However, it actually refers to the entire Great Lakes region as there are a number of entities in the business and entertainment world outside of Chicago (especially in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio) that identify themselves as "Third Coast."

Some of the major cities in this region are Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh.

(Please note that similar to how Philadelphia is considered East Coast even though it's not actually on the ocean, a city does not actually have to be on the Great Lakes to be considered part of the Third Coast.)

See Also: North Coast
No wonder they call this the Third Coast, the lakes are so huge that they look like oceans.
by illwauk October 13, 2007
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The Great Lakes/North Coast region.

The section of the Midwest and NE thats within roughly 60 miles of the Great Lakes.

Includes: Michigan, North Ohio, NW Indiana, NE Illinois, East Wisconsin, NW Pennsylvania, and West New York. Chicago/Gary, Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Toledo, Erie, etc.
Chicago is located in the Third Coast
by thirdcoasteye May 21, 2010
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