A Youtuber who does nice edits, with the most Cancerous Discord Server
Who is the TheRandomYordle?

by HDLPLOL May 7, 2017
TheRandomYordle is a League of Legends memetager from EUW who is obsessed with yordles. He makes videos of builds that sometimes hurt him more than they hurt others (e.g. Nami Stuff), and of champions that either do a stupid amount of damage/have stupid mechanics, or are yordles. He originally gained popularity from Nicktron compilations.

He is currently somewhere in Platinum.

Fun fact: Even though he loves yordles, and has them all mastery 7, the number one champion on his profile is Aurelion Sol. **The more you know.**
"I just watched Heimerdinger Stuff by TheRandomYordle, and that was the bronziest shit I've ever seen."
by PrinceHydron September 21, 2017
A youtuber who does random montages and likes yordles make sure to subscribe for memes idk
Person 1: Hey! Did you watch TheRandomYordle's new video?
Person 2: Yes! I really liked it.
by SuccGod6969 September 21, 2017
a youtuber who makes league of legends videos and likes to draw yordles
he has all yordles at rank 7 and likes long walks on the beach
TheRandomYordle is a really good youtuber who is in plat atm.
by SuccGod6969 September 23, 2017
A purple yordle who makes weird videos on youtube.
Friend: Who is this youtuber?
Me: It's TheRandomYordle, he makes funny short montages.
Friend: On which game?
Me: League of Legends!
by SuccGod6969 May 7, 2017
It is a dead discord where people constantly leave because the community is pretty aids
" Wanna VC in TheRandomYordle discord?"
"Hell no! It's dead there"
by Taric gets horny February 3, 2018