some people enjoy thefting things from people's houses because they think they're cool.
by Chairman-Mao January 30, 2006
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the prime funtion of a CEO
CEO: 'The company is broke but i made $400 million. I must admit, i do my job quite well. Time to go back to my golden castle full of antiques in narnia.'
by Gigantic Array of Yetis November 18, 2003
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When something is handed to you and you leave with it.
I gave Erica my dollar at SportWay and she didn't give it back to me before I left. These lines will rhyme because she committed theft
by L B H September 08, 2010
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Borrowing without permission with no intent on returning.
"Where did you get that tv?"

I borrowed it from walmart. i borrowed it it's not theft
by YHS '09 March 10, 2009
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: the act of compulsive stealing: Usually random stealing of high school phones, fire exstinguisher, cpr ANDY's, and other schools award plaques.
Scott Serafin; Rob Diton;
by youstolemy calculator February 15, 2005
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