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The act of making a "w" with your fingers. Then putting the middle two in a girl's vagina while the pinky finger goes in the butt, while the pointer rubs the clitoris.
My girlfriend demanded more than the shocker so I gave her the w.
by Darcy Chumang May 18, 2008
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The W = Weed
Marijuana or weed, no specific kind just weed in general.
I'm about to smoke some of the w with my bro.
by Christaupher December 09, 2009
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n Somebody or something that is ucly
n Slang for "done for"
When I was livin Souf Central LA, they called me Young thew and ucly too.
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a short, skinny legged person, with a scraggly voice
The thewish looking person was dominated in the wrestling match by the much bigger opponent.
by low key tho April 24, 2018
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The W = the wife.
The woman you married, she is your W.

I gotta run to the store and get the W some roses, cause Im a jackass.
by Gina Bo Beana April 24, 2009
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