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noun. short for "The San Fernando Valley", an section of the City of Los Angeles, touching the north/west border of LA county. population 2.5mil (approx).

the closer to the edges of the valley you get (the hills), the nicer (more expensive) the property is. the closer to the center of the valley you get (Reseda, Van Nuys, etc), the more ghetto it gets.

The valley used to be agricultural (1930-50's) then became a suburb, then more recently has become more industrial and is becoming more urban.

Home to the largest Porn industry in the world (see chatsworth), the worlds most used road (the 101 freeway) and so much more. The valley is said to be where the excessive use of the word "like" first originated, but the rest of teen america seems to have picked that up now too.

see also "SFV" or "818"
L.A. people constantly bad mouth the valley, but every time it tries to become it's own city, they vote that shit down, cus they know how much they need the bundles of money the SFV brings in to keep their over-populated schools, over-used roads and everything else running

the valley is about 100x better than the OC. in the valley you're never more than 10mins from a chill smoking spot (the hills). most of the OC doesnt even have hills.
by Olly J March 14, 2005
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The Valley:
A place where it is impossible to go anywhere without running into someone you know. The girls are the sluttiest. Make one phone call, and you can have any drug within ten minutes. The drinking age is fifteen. Parties every weekend. No such thing as relationships. Everyone is in a gang or a crew. Trends come fast, and go even faster. Most importantly, it's what I call home.
The valley is a horrible place that I love & call my home.
by jenniiiiiiiiiiiiferrr August 24, 2008
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depending on where you go, you can find a run-down shack with 11 hispanic kids living alone, right next to a gated mansion worth $3 million. every night someone is running from the cops,being followed by a helicopter. ambulances are constantly blaring, and if you listen carefully, you can hear gunshots in the distance. and even though its so dangerous to live here, houses are expensive as all hell. one never knows what to expect when you live around here.
it may not be new york city, but its certainly interesting.
by alex r May 02, 2005
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a quaint suburban sort of place, the valley is thought to be tacky and boring by the snobs who live over the hill, but those of us who live here know there's more to life than spending daddy's money on drugs and designer jeans. we take complete credit for the extreme usage of the word "like" that seems to have overrun the teen nation.
1) Like, yeah, I was driving the 405 in traffic, and all I could think was, "Thank goodness I live in the valley!"
by sfvforlife January 11, 2005
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The Porn Capital of the world, but for many people that live there; that's nothing but old news. People in the Valley don't consider themselves living in The City of Los Angeles (smelLA) but in the San Fernando Valley. Outsiders believe that the SFV is just populated by white people, however the eastside is heavily dominated by hispanics (Give it a couple of years and the westside too)

On the southside of the Valley, one can find many shopping centers, porn studios, a city within a city ... and mostly populated by white people. This is the place were you can find them "Valley girls"..

In the westside many neighborhoods are dominated by white people, excluding Canoga park. Other then the malls and movie theater.. theres really nothing to do. The westside is filled with stuck up girls, rich sluts trying to keep it lowkey, however the valleys pretty small so eventually word gets around. One can also find a large population of Asians and Arabians.

In the Eastside, Evil side by far..
Home to Gansters and hoes. The Eastide is home to many "G" neighboorhoods such as Pacoima, Sylmar, Panorama, North Hollywood, Sun Land, Lake View, Van Nuys, and the city of San Fernando. The Eastside is populated mostly by mexicans. Black people are scattered everywhere in the valley but mostly found in the neiborhood of Lake View, nevertheless some black people found their way down into the city of Pacoima, increasing gang violance.
Someone from SmelLA: Where you from???

Someone from the Valley: Fuckyou homie, This is the valley, Big Bad Ass 818...
by Promethaziner September 28, 2009
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noun. The San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. see sfv. Also known to mean any other valley such as the central valley in CA, simi valley, san jose, san gabriel, etc. usually denotes a valley in California.
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
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To those of us from New England, "The Valley" most often refers to the Merrimack Valley, a bi-state area along the Merrimack River. Most of the Valley is suburban. The largest cities are Haverhill, MA, Lawrence, MA, Lowell, MA, Nashua, NH, Manchester, NH, and Concord, NH. All of these cities are former mill towns powered by the river.

If you live in the Merrimack Valley region, chances are you tell everyone you're from the "Boston Area", have a Boston accent, and cheer for all the Boston sports teams, even though Boston is an hour away. About half the people in your high school graduating class went to drug rehab before the age of 18. Unless your zip code is 01810, 05501, 01899, 01921, 01985, 01886, 03110, 03031, 03049, or 03087, you are working class/poor. Chances are, if you are from the working-class areas you pretend to be rich, while if you are from the rich areas you pretend to be "ghetto". Ethnic pride is high in The Valley. You will see more Irish, Italian, Canadian, Lebanese, Cambodian, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, and Dominican flags than American ones, though almost every other street is named for a KIA war soldier.

All in all, The Valley is a place of contradictions, not to mention a shitty place to live and an even shittier place to say you're from.
Situation #1:

Angie: I'm from the Boston Area.

Milly: Wonderful! Where in Boston?

Angie: Methuen.

Milly: Hmmmm that's funny. I live in Boston and have never heard of any place in the city called Methuen.

Angie: Ughh, actually, it's in The Valley. And it's not Andover, Boxford, or Windham.

Milly: Ew! Do you live in a slum? Are your kids potheads? Do you shop at Marshall's? DO YOU SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH?!

Angie: What?

Situation #2:

Ryan: Yo, yo, I rep The Valley.

Santos: Sweet man. What part?

Ryan: Amherst.

Santos: Shit man, you ain't ghetto! You probably live in a colonial mansion. Try living in Nashua with a drug bust or gang fight outside your house every ten minutes.

Ryan: No way homie. Am-town has way more oxy and e than Trashua, cause we have the bank to buy all our shit off you!

The Valley: the trashiest place in America's northeast.
by 603explorer August 16, 2009
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