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The ugly cry is the kind of thing actors and actresses train for years to defeat. It involves your eyes getting puffy, red and bloodshot, your nose running off your face, your skin getting blotchy and red, and your facial features bunching up rather unattractively.
Girl 1: Oh God, who died?

Girl 2: What do you mean?

Girl 1: I just saw Evelyn in the bathroom, doing the ugly cry in the corner. I just figured...
by Pixie Toes January 26, 2010
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The type of crying that can be seen on most reality television shows. This cry is notorious for being very teary, loud and embarrassing. The crier tends to make odd facial expressions, sob loudly and hiccup. This cry is called ugly because it occurs at bad moments and makes the person look like they are having a terrible breakdown. Usually, they are experiencing a broken heart, lots of stress or sudden shock.
Person 1: Did you see the Bachelor last night? That one girl did the ugly cry because she got kicked off!
Person 2: No, but I ugly cried the other day because my dog ran away. Everyone saw me cry too!
Person: I hate to ugly cry in front of others. It makes me look so odd!
by deejpeach October 29, 2012
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