A sexual position; The Sloth can be executed as follows: the male participant is on all fours while the female participant hangs from the male torso, wrapping her legs around his lower waist and her arms around his shoulders. The male acts as a branch while the female, much like a sloth, hangs from him, giving the position its name. The male is responsible for the thrusting motion required for successful sexual intercourse. If executed correctly, the female's body should be entirely suspended. Easiest if the male first enters the female while both are lying down. Once he's inside, the female wraps her arms and legs around him, the male gets on all fours, and The Sloth commences.
"The Sloth is my favorite sexual position."

"The Sloth is such a workout."

"I defied gravity while doing The Sloth with Karlin last night."
by Kurt Todd January 19, 2006
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An essential part of the ecosystem providing entertainment to all those in its nearest vicinity.
The Sloth hung from the tree like a pair of hairy, saggy testicles.
by TorqueLewith February 17, 2017
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Sexual position in which one holds onto their partner aloof, swinging like a sloth from a tree, with full penis insertion.
Let's do The Sloth
by kingflippynips420 June 25, 2017
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