Analiese: What flavor of ice cream is that?
Steve: This is the new blueberry-orange flavor from that one shop downtown called The Ice Cream Island.
Analiese: It looks good.
Steve: It's the shizniz.
by Shizniz12 April 22, 2009
A figure regarded in high-esteem by others in information security circles, a self-motivated and logistical mastermind. The individual is a loyal and purpose-driven professional who is detail oriented with extensive experience in fields of technology and business.
ShizNiz is a dynamic personality that could be credited with highly-motivated efforts and support of educating the public on information technology and security, their rights to privacy as well as deep analysis/lobbying against Internet privacy violations, under the auspices of some of the most well known security groups of the day while assisting in pioneering ethical behaviour in relation to law, government and publications within the community.
by d4mus May 26, 2004
Having coined the online handle circa 1984, nearly a decade and a half before it ever reached mainstream hip-hop/rap culture, the individual is known to have been actively and integrally involved in the underground from bulletin board systems to migration into the internet domain.

Recognized for a positive, generous and calculating character, driven personality and perfectionist demeanor -the individual is internationally both socially and professionally consulted, considered a credible source in both technology, finance, business and certain areas of law. Also is known to have been associated with/in the development of several of the most important, professional and most turbulent technology-related groups of the day.
ShizNiz had been seriously involved with the scene from the years 1986 until 2003, in which he had retired from the culture and focused energies into business, career and family after achieving a significant stint as a director of several key organizations and companies IT infrastructure management and R&D divisions; Also aspiring to meet and exceed several higher education standards, the individual has adopted several cooperative projects in addition to serving his country in the US military.
by saiyan May 26, 2004