Refers to a ruse or trick that has been discovered. The game is over, the time of reckoning is here.
OMG -The jig is up - My girlfriend, Sally, has found out about my tryst with Jody last week and she's on her way over here now!!!!
by G L Runyan August 13, 2008
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When said by the current prime minister of england, the game will end for all time;
having to do with the ending of the game
the jig is up, omg u just lost the game!!!
by prof.alcatraz October 29, 2010
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“The Dance is over“ Or “This Dance is through” is how this translates literally. A Jig is a centuries old Irish folk dance, the rest is self explanatory.
Looks like the jig is up!, we just tripped the alarm🚨 & the police 🚔 are here!! (Burglary)
by tECHNOtODD March 25, 2021
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refers to the effects of stimulant drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines
"It's friday- I'm fina get Jigged up!"
by jim June 24, 2003
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An automobile of which an man of African descent has acquired the stock version of, and modified to be "pimp."
Yo bra, dat hooptie be so jigged up, ya in da budda zone now, bra!
by Tim S Tickler November 04, 2010
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