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the best wrestler ever to step foot on this planet.
The Rock shouldn't have shame over losing to the Hurricane.
by sj0r April 27, 2003
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Name used by The Game after he left G-Unit now he is dissing 50 Cent by making songs about 50 Cent using 50 Cents songs such as Just a Lil Bit, Disco Inferno etc. This name shows how far the Game has fallen since leaving G-Unit and starting his G-Unot campaign
"I bring the pump in the club cause im Hurricane" -Verse in Just a lil bit remix by the Game/Hurricane when dissing 50 Cent
by Game Hater August 19, 2005
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A party taking place once a year in Cinnaminson, New Jersery. Rarely, if ever, do tropical storm systems like these come so close to Philadelphia. However, since 2005, it seems like every August this area takes a direct hit. Some may blame it on global warming. Others blame it on a group known only as PPC. Residents are urged to evacuate and board up their windows if even the slightest increase of Huricanne Malt Liquor 40 sales occurs.
"I knew The Hurricane was coming after i saw homeless people switching to COLT 45"

"Who the fuck are those kids covered in sharpie?...Fuck its Hurricane season"
by PPC Weather Guy July 29, 2007
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The post anal act of one partner defecating on the other partners penis while he is doing the helicopter. This will resemble a Hurricane as the feces flies in the air.
Man: This chick ass last night was the best.

Friend: Did you do a The Hurricane?
by Hurricane Handler March 29, 2015
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Common nickname for a man who is extremely good at pleasuring a woman through oral.
He went down on me for hours , they should just call him the hurricane!
by Realspit93 October 13, 2014
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