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Cum-shotting on a girl's tits and face.

Such as dick cheney shooting his friend in the face and chet
i was about to bust so i gave her the dick cheney
by The mysteriois one June 07, 2006
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When you pull out and bust a fat nut in a chick's face and then force her to apologize for getting in your way.
The Dick Cheney:

Girl: "Oh my God, you shot a hot load all over my face. Jesus..."
Guy: "Hey bitch, fuck you. Apologize for getting in the way of that badass statue on my table."
by TerrySchiavo August 26, 2009
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When your buddy is doing a girl doggy style and you hide just outside the door and rub one out until your just about to blow then bust the door open run in and blow it on her face.
Jordan was doing Britney and i ran in and gave her the Dick Cheney!
by Jerry Lee Poois September 05, 2007
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