A somewhat ambiguous term referring to the soft parts on a girlfriend. Implies that said zones are resilient.
Shorty's got hella crumple zones. Busted that all night with no complaints.
by jhndrdgg May 26, 2011
What Robot Santa's head was built with in Futurama
Leela: Consider this. You destroy those you deem to be naughty, but many of those you destroy are, in fact, nice. Therefore, you are naughty and must destroy yourself.

Robot Santa: Nice try, but my head was built with paradox-absorbing crumple zones.
by Bob882 December 21, 2004
The crumple zone is when the ass of the recipient is ample and the act of penetration from behind creates a ripple effect.
the crumple zone reminded Larry of waves on his vacation
by the bonecrusher December 18, 2016