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the point in a romantic relationship, either heterosexual or otherwise, where the two participating parties experience a momentary feeling that changes the way they both feel towards their relationship, and where they both feel that the relationship is both permanent, worthwhile and, usually, that the other person is 'the one'. This usually consolidates the relationship's status as a long lasting or 'serious' relationship.
"Have you two had the Click yet?"
"I'm so excited - me and X had the Click last night!"
"It was never going to work - we just never had the Click."
by guccifendipradalove July 31, 2009
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The hottest pimps and pimpettes! Mainly Caroline, The Ben, and Anne. They are always together doin' something up to no good. Their theme song is this one; it's from a future HOT rapper.

"AIGHT H TOWN GIMME A BEAT... UHH... YEAH.... MMM TURN IT UP TURN IT UP... AHH YEAH LIKE THAT .... you see you do not know me ... i used to be white my skin so buttery... now.... im the man that no one envys.... except maybe some black girls that really want me.... not quite sure why i bought a shirt 4 sizes bigger... people think know that i am a ni**er... i still got a lil white inside of me .... it only comes out when im at PC... im bout to go now but ill be back later.... mann you just a PLAYER HATER!!!
Yo, the click gotta get together and do something this Fridizzle night! Gimme a ring ring!
by Hot Chick March 08, 2005
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