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when the biller "Ben Miller" puts the moves on a woman...or man...he begins to take off his shirt and convinces the recipient to become top less also. he then makes out with her...or him...
Ben is a church camp and seduces a striking young female counselor and convinces her to go in an unoccupied cabin....the young female feeling obligated to play along...miller sensing this pulls the biller on her..and she has no choice but to submit.
by evnut July 27, 2003
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when ben miller seduces a young female, and begins to make out with her, he then proceeds to ask her to remove her shirt, or he just does it himself, after her shirt is removed, he has her remove his shirt, and they begin to make out with no shirts on... after making out, ben decides he has had enough and says goodbye to the seduced woman
ben likes to seduce young females and biller with them.
by yanni September 28, 2003
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