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A complete douchebag that no one likes to talk to because he is so socially akward. Also he is a fatass swagfag who thinks he is a total G. He is so cocky too who thinks he could fight anyone even though he's weak as shit. Only strumpets like him. And when he is older he is going to give blumpkins for a living...
"Hey you're a cunt. "
"Well you're a Ben Miller"

"Whoah Whoah man!!! Way to far!!"
by theoppositeofbenmiller October 15, 2013
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Ben Miller:I died in Terraria and it's all your fault you fucking twats
Me:What how
Ben:Because your gay
by The Cybo July 30, 2018
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Fucking amazing man who is awkward but sexy as hell and when you get to know him he is amazing. The best person ever, is also bootylicious
That guy is such a BenMiller
by Pyschodude November 21, 2016
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Someone who likes Hillary or Bill Clinton so much he treats them like god.
Trump supports are definitely no BenMiller.
by ForNetNeutrality February 13, 2019
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