A phrase refering to cancer, a very deadly, cellular disease in which normal cells mutate and spread throughout the body or a localized area in the body...
"It's not fair... I don't even smoke and I got the big C..."
by UsurperOfLife April 12, 2005
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cancer, as compared to little c (chlamydia)
It's the big C, and it's neither cocaine, nor crystal.
by gerage247 November 24, 2006
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Big-C is the nickname for fairly large people that have a name that starts with "C". Big-C is just a great person and is bloody huge and can pull bulk babes.
by yaboibigdaddyD March 26, 2018
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The greatest white rapper from Louisiana, him, MC Gurt and N'Ron are bringin white rap back
Fan: Have you heard the latest Big C song? Fuck That Soulja Boy?

Kid: No where can I find it?

Fan: www.myspace.com/bigcfrom985

Kid: Holy shit man, he's right FUCK THAT SOULJA BOY
by Big C from the 985 September 15, 2007
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a large, long, double sided, C shaped dildo that goes in the anus and vagina. The frontal piece (vagina) is a vibrator, and the back (anus) is a piston that goes up and down inside the butt. Off of this C shaped dildo is a cushioned handle for great handling.
Wow, that Big C was great!
Masturbation can't go wrong with a Big C!
by PO PO April 30, 2015
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An emo girl (I think)who has a perverted mind, who lies to everyone and makes up stories to get attention, and claims to have done a dixie cup of speed.
Also has a mentally unstable mother who helps BIG C in making up lies to try to get other people in trouble or to talk to BIG C.
Matt: Did you get your money from her?
Will: No, she's such a BIG C!

by xxonedeadcopxx December 12, 2008
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An ultimate act of relaxation that may or may not include ones family or friends. If you’re just “hangin” with your friends, with no real purpose or direction to the day, you’re probably doing the “Big C.” To be “chillin” alone or in a group constitutes the act of doing the “Big C”.
What’s up Bro?”

“Nothing really; me and my girl are just doing the Big C”.
by Nevado August 19, 2011
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