NJ Transit interstate bus line. Shuttles passengers between Ridgewood NJ and Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. A lot of students from Bergen Community College and Paramus Catholic take this bus, as well as many employees of the Hackensack Hospital. Goes through Paramus, Rochelle Park, Maywood, Hackensack, Hasbrouck Heights, Wood-Ridge, Carlstadt, East Rutherford, and Union City as well.
I took the 163 into the city Saturday night because my town doesn't even have a train that runs on the weekend.
by someone18 September 9, 2006
the birdcage. A place teaming with fowl. Probably one of the most "dirty" places in the world
guy 1- "yo man you wanna go to 163 tonight"

guy 2- "Hell yea dude i heard billy was supposed to be there tonight!"

by k hardy February 6, 2009
A chipset of expansion used in Family Compuiter System. Also known as the Namco 106. It has a sound capabilities of up to making 8 wavetable synthesizer. Mostly they mainly use 4 channels but the rare cases of making 8 channel musics are King of Kings. An unreleased game which is a Strategy/Turn-Based game.
Guy 1: hey man what chip do you mostly use in Famitracker???
Guy 2: Ah I use Namco 163. It's very powerful in my opinion.
Guy 1: NICEE!!!!
by a guy who uses Famitracker September 22, 2020
mann 1: namco 163 is...
mann 2 : electric boogaloo; god. thats all.
by hey!!! a guy September 14, 2020
it means low on budget and the teachers who work in the school are retarded
MRS.saban: EvErYoNe in p.s/i.s 163 kNoWs aBoUt YoU GuYs
Everyone in 802: shut up avatar.
by Some guy at 163 January 22, 2019