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A mess. A high school for almost entirely upper-middle/upper class teenagers who are known for being stuck-up and oblivious to the outside world. The students are much like those in cliché high school movies, very much about cliques. The dress code is ridiculously strict, and recently they’ve started playing weird throwback music at the end of every lunch for some reason (?). One of the most notable traits of this school is the vaping problem, as likely more twhs students own a juul than don’t at this point. There are fights very often, and things have been getting wilder and wilder for this school and it’s entire district since the start of 2019. Stay safe staff and students!
I hate Woodlands kids. Everyone at The Woodlands High School is so fake and clique-y!
by gr8765 March 29, 2019
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A high school in the suberb above houston called The Woodlands. The school is known for spawning Jack Ingram, country western singer. The school is mostly white, upper class, and snobby. If you are not pretty, blonde, or some sort of superficial person, you are doomed. The school is disliked by many of it's rivals for being snobby and rude towards others. The pep rallys also tend to have unfortunate incidents, and it's a mess once you get past the pretty outside.
The Woodlands High School basketball team walks in twos when they visit other schools for fear of attack.

The Woodlands High School girls are so obnoxious!
by MagpieKitsune December 02, 2009
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