The Vermonter is a sexual position in which you do it doggy style while wearing birkenstocks in the back of a Subaru.
Oh man, I just picked this girl up from the maple trees and we did the vermonter
by GoodStuff June 27, 2015
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A very windy state due to the fact that New Hampshire sucks and New York blows.
Timmy: Why is it so windy here in Vermont?
Becky: Because New Hampshire sucks and New York blows.
by teflondicky October 31, 2005
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The only state where hippies and rednecks some how co-exist.
Hippie: I love trees and lots of weed

Redneck: thats nice, I like to shoot things with my 105+ gun collection!

Hippie: *rips joint* far out. Vermont is dank, man.
by DanTheLongHairedMan April 2, 2019
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Home of the legendary John Deere, born and raised in the town of Rutland. Largely responsible for the big agricultural explosion around about 1830 due to his manufacturing of the first polished steel plow.
by Detonator June 4, 2007
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People from the state of Vermont. True Vermonters have been living in Vermont for at least seven generations. Does not include lame New Jerseyite/Connecticut/Massachusett transplants and annoying out-of-stater UVM students. real Vermonters are not hippies. Real Vermonters hose tourists and laugh at them when they gawk at leaves.
"That kid is throwing green apples at those Jerseyites. She must be a Real Vermonter."
"My Great Grandmother x 8 generations came to Vermont from Wales. I'm a Real Vermonter."
by ch1ckad33 May 28, 2007
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mountain, ice cream, winding roads, moose, and pure beauty. a truely nice, but way too rural state
by StatesDude April 1, 2004
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My home land.

The middle of nowhere.

The best place ever.
Representin.. VT, my man, my man.
by imaprettycoolbrunette February 10, 2005
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