20 definitions by The king Friday

the sexual game of placing a donut over your hard on and blind folding the woman and having her try to eat the donut off your dick without her eating it or having the man blind folded and trying to eat a candy bar out of the girls vagina all while being handcuffed
lindsay and i tried cops and robbers and and i ate a snickers out of her vagina
by The king Friday September 7, 2013
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the act of sitting on a womans chest and placing balls on neck while face
fucking her making it look like she is wearing a bow tie.
"i totally picked up lindsay and gave her the devils bow tie in the back of my inferno van"
by The king Friday September 2, 2013
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when a girl is giving a guy a blowjob he pulls out before he blows his load the shoots her in the face and then proceeds to throw glitter in her face making her face glittery
i did the sniffles beard on cierra and i used pink glitter her favorite color
by The king Friday September 9, 2013
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the ugly truth about your life is that at one point in most people lives they had their mothers vagina stretched across their face.
lindsay told me the ugly truth
by The king Friday February 12, 2014
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while your woman is on her period you insert your balls into her bloody vagina coating your balls in blood making them look candy apples then she licks off like shes eating a candy apple
my balls looked like a candy apple and she licked it all off
by The king Friday September 10, 2013
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the sexual act of put any kind of alcohol in woman vagina then sucking it out with a straw
lindsay wanted to try the king friday so we used some left over vodka from the last party
by The king Friday September 6, 2013
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a man who leads a donkey by tugging on the donkeys dick and leads said animal in the direction in which he wants the animal to go.
Kyle the farmer is known for being a cockledragger
by The king Friday March 29, 2014
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