are you 🙀are you 👄comeing⚰️to the 🌳tré🌳😽🚬
trè tree coming to the tree
are you coming to the trè
by ayelete May 14, 2020
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the meeting place for all bestÿs 🙈✨😻🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳
me: are you, are you, coming to the trè??

you: ofc bestÿ 😻😻
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Paul: Bitches be cray cray.

Dave: Nah mate, bitches be très cray.
Paul: da fuk? you french or summat?
Dave: nah mate...
by pixo July 27, 2013
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Wanneer iets heel hard blinkt dan is het très blinka. Niet te verwarren met concentratiekamp Treblinka.
Dat zilverwerk blinkt heel hard, zeg. Het is très blinka.
by Oilsjteneir aaaa bliejken November 8, 2020
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The expression “Très Soigné” is a staple in the French kitchen. Or in any professional kitchen for that matter. Even Marcel tossed it around on the second series of Top Chef.

“Très Soigné” translated means “very neat”.

To me it normally sets off the alarm that the President is coming in, or the owner of Ferrari is dining privately, or the beautiful Queen of Sweden has arrived, or the Michelin Guide Director is lunching with friends (everyone knows the Director since he eats out regularly around town).

And, it also means: if that plate you’re hunched over and trying to finish is not absolutely perfect, you’re dead.
After I hear the order “Très soigné!” called out and all of us respond “Oui Monsieur!” to acknowledge the command, I peek at the reservations list to see if I might have heard of the person. Mostly I find it’s an unknown journalist (to me, that is), but sometimes it’s some one world renowned – this definitely gets me excited.
by greymw May 30, 2016
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Even crazier than cra cra.....very crazy.
Dude1: "Man that shit with the donkey and ping pong balls last night was cra cra."

Dude2: "Très cra brother.....Très cra."
by Mike.... March 17, 2009
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Her freshly-waxed gams crossed and her skirt as always, fell somewhere in between the top of her calf and just above the knee, très bandante.
by Experimental Mistress October 13, 2009
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