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"The t-word" usually means "tranny" which is a degrading word to call transgender people. Any sane person would discourage a cisgender, or whatever you are, to not use the t-word if you are NOT transgender.
J: Yo E, that kid just said the t word
E: It's okay, he's trans too
J: alright
by subliminal boy December 27, 2018
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The "T" Word is a neutered version of calling someone the racially offensive term of "TACO." The "T Word" is similar to the OJ Simpson trial's "N Word" that neuters the offensive word. TACO refers to derogatory Hispanic Taco Eaters who are male prostitutes who perform oral sex for very little money and are often found in malls and on street corners with baggy pants and tatoos
Hey that White A@@ used "The T-Word"
Class, we must all learn to get along and never ever use the "The T Word"
But aren't w having the "The T Word" for lunch in school today?
by IsawtheT October 31, 2009
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