When you nut in a girl's panties and put them on her head.
She was a skank so I gave her the spongebob.
by Woody & Broce March 19, 2008
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Why would you not know the definition of Spongebob you dumb ass
Com'ere spongebob!
by lolololololol12 March 29, 2017
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A sponge that has a face and is somehow is friends with a squirrel underwater and an starfish that lives under a rock. And has influenced the millenials and gen z. Which is scary because if u say I hate SpongeBob you will be shunned from everyone.
Bob: hey did you watch the latest episode of SpongeBob

Jeff: Heck yah dude!
by You know what I mean December 22, 2020
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The reluctance or refusal to get one's drivers license, with no legitimate reason other than laziness or procrastination. People who are spongebobbing it typically walk everywhere they need to go or rely on others to get around, which will often become a nuisance or a burden to others.
"Hey, can you give me a ride into town?"

"Man, you need to stop spongebobbing it and get your license already"
by rose129 October 27, 2019
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