to get screwed over
Johnny was shafted by Natalie at Sam's party.
by dinosaur baby cat November 20, 2008
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1: Ripped off
2: The stem of the penis
3: Victim of a trick pulled by a friend
4: Treated like shit where you work
5: a long square tube that rises for stories by use of an elevator
6: a place where gold is mined
1: that dude shafted me, my 10$ action figure broke
2: I exercised my shaft for a while
3: My freind shafted me! now the TV's are showing me during my bout of racism and everyone thinks i'm a prick!
4: My boss shafted me, not to worry, he's shafting demons in hell
5: The elevator's cable broke and we were flying through the shaft, worst... day... EVER!
6: I mined 50 kgs of gold from my private shaft, i transformed them into 24-karat gold Loonies, there's so much, i do not know how much i have in Loonies
by your best idiot June 7, 2010
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a)when someone is "jipped"
b)when someone is shutdown or brushed off
"Want to go out with me?"
"Ooh! Shafted!"
by Minister of Eriador October 30, 2004
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1) Anal Sex
2) Being overly friendly, butkissing, asslicking
1) I shafted yer mam
2) Fucking hell, He's shafting him so much!
by arse January 18, 2004
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When its just the shaft, not the tip. You must be certain NOT to touch the tip. Acceptable as a passtime, ultimatum, insult, war cry, philosophy or cheer- one things for certain: you're gonna have a hard time.
"Quinn caught Terran shafting it in the Walmart bathroom... Wasnt the first time, won't be the last"

"You will do this now! Screamed Edwards mom, but killed replied as cool as a cucumber 'nah I'll just shaft it'"

"As Thomas scored the final kill, he air shaftef it as an ultimate insult to all the noobs he just wrecked"

"SHAFT IT!!!! Andrew screamed as he plunged into battke butt naked weilding seventeen katanas"

"So what do you believe in? Gary asked Neil, 'Me, I just shaft it...and Shrek..."

"I just smoked the fattest lick of dank swamp kush ever! I'm cheeck faded now yo, better shaft it!"
by Foxymama77 May 12, 2014
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Person 1: “I sent 20k cc on the summon banner and didn’t get any LF.. not even a Sparking
Person 2: “dude.. you got shafted
by Concord925 May 31, 2021
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1. n. A place where minerals are mined.
2. n. Slang for penis, especially that of large and hard status.
(1) I dug 25 pounds of gold in that mine shaft yesterday.
(2) Damn! Put that shaft away.
by k.nin3 September 4, 2006
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