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The Sanjeev is a kind, caring person. He is always there for you, but only if he truly thinks you are an equal. He has a skewed sense of morality, and thinks he is smarter than he actually is. The Sanjeev is really smart, but he is overconfident, and argues wayyyyyy too much. He is good at it too. He was caught sleeping on the job, his boss called him in, and he walked out with a 15% raise! His social life, on the other hand is very one sided. He has a few great friends, a lot of people who think he is OK, and a few tough enemies. You either hate him, or like him. It's hard to be in between if you know him. He is there for you in the tough times. Great guy honestly.
The Sanjeev is so different right?
by TheAnonynouse April 23, 2018
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