The foremost rule of a brave, strong, and wise Commander in Chief:

Start no unnecessary war.
The Principal Principle of a great President, one who knows war or understands war and is dedicated to the safety and security of the American people, would be:

Start no unnecessary war.

This is basic, fundamental.
by RSD July 08, 2006
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The principal of Highland High in Beavis and Butt-head, commonly his named is mocked as "McDicker".
Principal McVicker: Hello! I'll have uh, uh, uh, a cheeseburger w-with no ketchup! And I'll also have uh, uh, a chicken sandwich, uh, with no tomatoes, and, uh, uh, with extra mayonnaise! Uh, uh, and some onion rings with no salt! And...
by uncledunkle June 08, 2019
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Its a punishment at school that's less harsh than a suspension but more than a normal detention.
student1- i got a principals detention today for beating up a kid.
student2- i got one too for eating in class.
by yeahbro February 06, 2009
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The one the principal sleeps with to completely monopolize the school board.
Person 1: Have you talked to the Assistant Principal recently?
Person 2: No, I don’t think so.
Person 1: That’s because she was fired after being caught sleeping with the principal.
Person 2: Oh my god really, that’s insane!
Person 1: I know!
by 4:31Time April 23, 2020
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