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the one-eighty is a manuover reserved for when one is sharing a cup of ketchup at a fast food restaurant or when sharing salsa. It allows users to actually dip their foods into the condomient twice with out being labeled as a double dipper. To complete a one-eighty dip your fry into the ketchup, bite off the end and then with a deft finger movement rotate the fry 180 degrees so that the end that was facing the ceiling is now able to be dipped with out the spread of infectous diseases. Then dip the end and eat the rest of the fry knowing that you got tyour full share of condamints with out contaminating the entire cup of ketchup
Example 1
tommy- u just double dipped you asshole, now your gonna have to go get a whole new ketchup cup
austin- no its cool i pulled a one-eighty
tommy- o
tommy- sweet

Example 2
austin- yo i got some salse i hope ya'll ready to pull the one-eighty
tommy- no need, i got some bite size tostidos scoops
austin- word
by big pumpernickle May 10, 2006
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