A video with a more relaxed and casual focus on the game that is being played.
A playthrough is often a video with live commentary on and is the most popular form for YouTube gaming videos.

A playthrough is not to be confused with a walkthrough as a walkthrough is a strategy guide and a playthrough is not.

Playthrough is considered the same as a "Let's play" and is also spelled "play through" or "play-through"
Guy 1: Did you see that guy's Metro: Last light walkthrough?
Guy 2: Would hardly call it a walkthrough, he was just messing around and it was obvious that he hadn't played the game beforehand, i would call it a "Let's play" or "Playthrough" if anything.
by MrTripleCC May 26, 2013
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Blind playthrough” refers to people playing video games for the first time where they are “blind” to what happens in a game and react to the story as it unfolds.
xQc is playing this game without knowing anything about it, he's doing a "Blind PlayThrough"
by Jeepeetout May 9, 2022
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1. Watching a youtube playthrough of a game you can't afford.
2. To play video games through internet streams vicariously
Billy: Have you played the new God of War?

Bob: I can't afford it cause i'm, po' boii.

Billy: Same, went through a poverty playthrough of it though, saved $70.
by harryrobalinoteenpraise April 24, 2018
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