A wonderful morning cocktail consisting of Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, and Gin. Roughly 1:1 OJ and GJ plus Gin, tailor amount of gin to level of indvidual drinker.
Would you like anything to drink with breakfast? Yes, could I have the jacob please.
by Jacob_F April 30, 2007
Prioritizing one's own cleverness over intellectual (or spiritual) growth and substance. Derived from the biblical figure of Jacob, who is portrayed as a trickster and reprobate in the earlier days of his life.
Instead of reading the assigned material, Robert employed the age-old practice of Jacobating in order to reach the minimum word count on his essay.
by prevailingwest July 26, 2021
Jacob. Theres 2 kinds. Height wise: they can be really tall.... Or really short. Personality wise: The ones who are real assholes and then these ones >> The guy of your dreams but you dont see it right away. He is a real gentleman when he is dating a girl and the best part about being with a Jacob is joking around him. He is the funniest kid you will ever meet and he's not bad looking either. You definitley want to be friends with him.
Hey. You know that kid Jacob?

Which one? The asshole?

No the other one.

Oh yeah he's funny.
by Mystery Person thingy October 17, 2017
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Jacob
by Mewtwo56 February 16, 2022
A cute guy. Personality is great. He has a temper as big as his dick. He is sometimes sweet but don't let that hide his dirty mindedness. He is a wild child who loves to have fun.
I just hung out with Jacob, God he is crazy.
by Potato_2968 January 23, 2017
One of the best friends you will ever have. You'll fall for him quickly but he won't think that he's good enough or he'll be so clueless he'll never pick up on it. Super good looking and caring, very sweet and innocent. The worst heartbreak you'll ever have.
Girl- Why are you crying?
Girl 2- Jacob doesn't like me.
by homeofheartbreak May 6, 2016
Jacobe is handsome and athletic. He is most comfortable around his friends. He has no problem talking to girls but in a relationship may try to start off slow. He is a caring sweet person. Don't mess around when it comes to sports.
Random person: Hey Jacobe wanna hang out later.

Jacobe: Sure give me a time place and date
by Prettyplaygirl April 2, 2018