Shitting in a condom, freezing it, and then fucking a girl with it.
Joe: "Hey, last night I froze my shit in a condom and gave her the fakey."

Paul: "What the fuck???"
by pirate Joe July 11, 2014
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snowboarding switch, eg riding goofy down the hill on your board set up for natural riding, without changin the bindings
he was a pro, he rode the chutes fakey
by emily November 27, 2003
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Fake ID. Falsified identification generally for the use of purchasing alcohol or ensuring you that your date isn't underage until she turns around and slaps you with a count of statutory for not calling the next day.
I was nonchalantly mentioning my 21rst birthday and Matt asked if I had a fakey
by Mmmkay December 04, 2004
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a sassy insult for someone whos been/is fake, mostly used by the girls and the gays. could be used jokingly w friends or seriously.
“since when do you care, fakey?”

nah shes been a fakey. we knew this..”
by lady gaga luvrrr May 06, 2021
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Someone who doesn't seem real, these include:
Fake Tan
A lot of Make Up
Body Parts that look like plastic
Names that ain't real or isn't a name e.g. Mahtab
Wearing hair extensions
Anything that isn't the real person
Some Kid: Hey Fakey, You Wear Fake Tan Don't Cha?
by Some Awesome Kid :P November 29, 2010
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Fakey is one of the biggest Counter Strike hvh players in the EU. He dominates every community server he joins, and he owns every nn since 2017 even though he is one of them.
Never uses minimum damage override.
by SeemsCrazy13 April 15, 2021
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