A lying ass bitch is a woman who melifacently twist the situation in front of her by stating irrelevant and hypocritical allegations from events prior or assumed to bend the rules of engagement back into her favor. Example: Marie I can't sopport you anymore, I gave you a place to live when you lost your house and you have told me for six months that you will get a job to pay me back. But all you do is nothing , now I have to move because of the extra strain of taking care of you . Marie's response: I'm so depressed that I can't even get dressed most days because you treat me like I'm a peice of shit! Me speaking:? Um this problem is six months old now.!. How can you just assume that I would strain my financial situation to the state of bankruptcy and homelessness for you to chill ..Marie speaking: You don't have to start calling me names ok, I don't deserve this ! I fucking hate you mother fucker!Response: .... you get what's going down next... Who the fuck?! What ?! You just what?! Oh hell no bitch! (Actually treat her like she says you have been) outcome : Bitch start fucking your neighbor two doors down and takes sweet ass time getting her shit out your house. Then when you move she already did the same shit to neighbor and is squatting back at the house you lost and talking mad shit like she made you leave because you didn't do shit! Lmfao ,loose lips sink ships bitches.
You lying ass bitch ! You didn't pick up you kids from school today because Its Saturday hoe!
by Haskin79 December 27, 2015
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