(n) a sock, sometimes used communally, in which one uses to contain ejaculatory fluids.
"I shot my massive load into the dirty sock."
by Aeron Nobodie January 22, 2003
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When you wear socks for a prolonged period of time and then you will notice that your feet and socks will smell vinegary and cheesy. Some people also have a sock fetish which makes them like the smell of other peoples dirty socks.
After I came from a soccer practice when I was going to the locker and I took my shoes off and made my teammates smell my dirty socks.
by 001002943 December 11, 2019
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when you shit inside a sock and smack someone in the face with it when they are sleeping
that stupid uncle fucker gave me a dirty sock this morning
by jamesjp91 October 14, 2006
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A white dirty whore bag. They usually come in packs like wolves or hyenas.
Dad:Stop feeling those dirty socks.

Son: I'll try.
by kevin sly July 20, 2006
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the smell of Parmesan cheese topping, also known as stinky socks.
"Whew, that 'dirty socks' on the pizza stinks. I can smell it all the way over here!"
by Kurious Jeorge January 30, 2009
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Upon having anal sex with a person, the catcher or the person taking the anal sex tightens their rectum as the person giving pulls out, causing the rectum to pull out of the anus. That is a dirty sock.
Dirty sock - Gayest thing that can happen unless its with a women and it's still pretty disgusting, because why would you have anal sex if god gave women pussies to fuck, just fucking nasty.
by Rice Cracker June 29, 2007
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A common term used to describe the process of, after having anal sex with a woman, using a knife to cut out the rosebud, and putting it on your cock.
Fat chicks provide thicker dirty socks to keep me warm during the winter time.

The chinese laundrimat owner was out of line when he refused to clean my dirty socks. He is a racist.

My teammates were talking about how rank their socks get after practice. I said, "I know. I clean my dirty socks all the time but they still smell like shit."

Frank and George said, "Our Red Sox are the best!" I replied, "What type of laundry detergant do you use, because my dirty sox never get that clean!"

Tom said, "I love the White Sox." I replied, "Gross! I can't believe you fuck hairy grannies!"

Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs" called my a freak when I told him that I wear dirty socks.
by J-Bar August 9, 2006
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