24 definitions by mr x

noun - a dinosaur with a large growth of hair on it's head who goes nuts
"holy shit it's a dineleysaurus, run for your lives!"
by mr x January 29, 2004
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crappy ased place where when you order a ten pack of mcnuggers, you get a freakin 6 pack. i should sue them fer this!
ba da ba ba-bah! im gonna freakin blow off ronarld mcdonalrds evil clown face off! yeah. once the mcdonarlds had a charity thing, you buy the ronarld doll in this card board box thing. well, i put his plastic polystyrene pelleted head in the door crack and slammed it shut. i put his head in the vice and drilled out his ears. then, when it was halloween, i stuck him on a fire cracker(from his butt of course) and lit him on fire. oh the joy! im lovin' it.
by mr x June 10, 2004
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FIrstly I invented the word a couple of years ago, when a group of my wife's friends wanted to all have their mobile phone photograph taken and it could only be done with me taking the picture.

So I said, I will help you by taking the photo, so the whole group could be in the picture and I will call it a HELPIE.
A single person, or a group of people, who want their mobile phone / camera photograph taken, however they all want to be in the picture, so I offer to take the photo for them and it is a " helpie " A helpie is always a much improved photograph over a selfie.
by mr x November 25, 2018
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Save Brace - when someone puts a coin into your pint, usually copper, forcing you down it in order to save Brace from drowning.
by mr x March 23, 2004
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member of the indian language 'gujarati'

def; dickhead, wanker
1. a choido che

(hes a dickhead)

2. aa maney choido manawyo

(this is said when someone pulls a fast one on you. lit. meaning; he made me a wanker)
by mr x December 23, 2004
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One whom is not merely a cunt, but a cunting cunt.
Why is it that all chavs are cunting cunts?
by mr x March 21, 2004
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stupid show where people who just have taken many laxitives, get pre-relief for constipation. once they have seen the show(which helps them power up) then they complete the delecate task of ejecting their constipated feces.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhh yeah! relief from my bloated constipation! metumucipal works great, thanks to drangon ball z!
by mr x June 10, 2004
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