Ghetto Ass school where there are no windows in any of the classrooms. You can call it, a prision for minors. And the school smells like feet, reeks of retarded people, and 9/10 of the population of that school gets high and drunk off their asses every weekend, and have the brain capacity of an old gum wrapper.
You know little Jimmy, he goes to Countryside high school, because he's a retard. That's the only school that will accept him for his stupidity
by Heywud Jablome April 08, 2006
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During sexual intercourse when you're thrusting, you take out a banana and start inserting the banana into the woman's particular area
I gave my girlfriend the countryside banana slama and now my banana is mushy
by TheMajesticPirate February 20, 2016
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A serial killer stalking their victims on a large farm anywhere in the world.
"Jeffrey Dahmer was not a countryside killa, I far as I am aware" the tutor says to a classroom of trainee police officers.
by Jewish madam July 05, 2018
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