An object passed around in a group of people that when held, the holder has the groups attention and can announce a secret, or statement or whatever they have to say. One can only speak when holding the conch
Pass the conch! I have to announce the loosing of my virginity!
by LaurenMackenzie June 23, 2008
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Colloquialism for the vagina; referring to the often pink parted cavity that is common to both the female genitalia and the large mollusc.
I was poised over the top of her and then I jammed it in her conch.
by Passdog December 7, 2008
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While sharing a cigarette, bowl, etc, talking instead of smoking and passing.

The act of talking while holding a shared cigarette, bowl, etc, thus delaying others enjoyment and uslessly burning the smoked object.


One who feels the need to talk while holding smoked object in a cyph.

Derived from the novel LORD OF THE FLIES wherein a conch shell is used to determine who is allowed to speak. As we live in a modern society, we do not need to hold objects in order to be heard. Therefore, conching is unnecessary and also burns away good smoke.
"Hey Joe! Stop conching and pass that!"

"This thing's kicked! Dammit Chris, you conched for so long that this thing's more beat than Tina Turner!"

"I like Dave a lot, but I would never smoke with him. He's a big concher. Once he gets his turn in the cyph, he'll talk until that shit's gone!"
by Donny Pro-Am March 27, 2008
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1. the act of vomiting into an open anus which has teeth around the outside.

2. cutting a person's genitals off and keeping them in a shell for later ingestion.

3. cutting off someone's genital warts and sucking the juices out.
1. *blurgh* *munch, munch, munch, mmmmm* thats some good conching.

2. alfred didnt mind me bringing home my boss' genitals for dinner last night.

3. don't look at me in that strange way, i'm doing you a favour.
by bert and ernie July 25, 2006
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the bowl-shaped part of the ear, where soundwaves are bounced into the inner ear. Commonly pierced.
"I can't believe she stretched her conch piercing to 2 ga"
by Telefina February 10, 2004
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1. Any of various tropical marine gastropod mollusks, especially of the genera Strombus and Cassis, having large, often brightly colored spiral shells and edible flesh.

2. Person born in the Florida Keys, an island chain at the southernmost tip of Florida, also referred to as the "Conch Republic" Anyone having lived in the Keys for 7 or more consecutive years may call themselves a "freshwater conch".
"You may have been around since 1975, but you'll never be a true Conch."
by Dgennero August 2, 2005
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