Basically a version of the ever-so-popular term "That's What She Said," yet this version is harder to understand for little kids, which is a drawback of TWSS, because people younger and younger are starting to use TWSS, and taking the fun out of it for the rest of us. Is That Code is used basically in response to someone who has just said something that can be taken as a code for something sexual.
Riely: "Hey Danny, can you help me get some wood?"
Dan: "Is that code?"
by March 09, 2010
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The process of screaming at a computer monitor for hours until realizing that the problem was a missing semi-colon or comma
"Oh don't mind the screaming, he's just coding"
by Dynamo0602 May 15, 2020
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A term used as a subtitute for "programming".
Joe: Hey Bill, what you up to?
Bill: Just coding.
Joe: You geek.
Bill: Yep :\
by pdc May 21, 2004
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Putting your race first. Looking out for one another.
The black panthers were on code taking care of the community. Black people have to be on code when around other races.
by Maggie Bee September 24, 2020
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The color code of sexual innuendos is used to make it easy to communicate any thoughts or happenings of the sexual or intimate nature. It’s discrete and allows you to explain yourself as explicitly or inexplicitly as you wish. To more specifically define your colors, shading is appropriately assigned; lighter implies innocence, and thusly, the darker you shade your colors the more impurity can be assumed. Use The Code to its full capability and give new meaning to the expression ‘colorful language.’

Yellow: self-gratification, masturbation
Periwinkle: footsie, any leg to leg contact most often occurs under a table
White: the most innocent of colors, hand holding
Peach: cuddling, spooning, gentle eroticism, sweetly romantic
Silver: sleeping over (no sexual contact implied)
Dark Yellow: phone sex, cyber sex
Light Orange: grinding
Pink (various shades): kissing, anything from a peck on the cheek to lips to French to making out
Green: hand to breast contact including several degrees of intensity i.e. over shirt, over bra
Dark Green: hand to breast contact under bra, free boob
Aqua: mouthification of the boobular region
Dark Orange: the motions of sex fully clothed, dry humping
Purple: any form of hand to genital contact, hand jobs, fingering
Blue: any mouth to genital contact, oral sex, blow job
Deep Blue: 69
Cinnamon: the state of being both in your underwear
Flesh: full nudity of EITHER you OR one other person
Tan: full nudity of you AND at least one other person
Teal: showering with at least one other person
Coral: fully nude rubbing without penetration; spooning naked with penile contact to other party’s body
Cherry: stealing virginity
Red: vaginal-penile interlocking, coition, intercourse, SEX
Midnight Blue: one night stand
Indigo: the use of whipped cream, chocolate or other flavorings
Bronze: ménage à trois
Gold: orgy
Fuchsia: any form of intimacy between two people of the same gender (this color can be placed in front of the other steps, to modify them, like fuchsia pink=same sex kissing)
Magenta: strap ons
Brown: anal sex, bum raid
Olive Green: facial
Lime Green: bukkake
Clover: boob sex, tittie fuck
Plum: plushie sex, costume fetishes, roleplaying (but not into the realms of bondage)
Black: dominatrix, sadism, masochism, bondage, handcuffs, ripped sheets, belts, etc.
Dark Red: forced sexual intercourse
Gray: not getting it up
In a room of crowded people, George and Tom cannot talk about Tom's date last night. Tom wants to tell his buddy, so he uses the Code.

George: How far did you get with Sally last night?
Tom: Red dude!!!
George: Congratulations! I've been yellowing for too long.
by Catastrophe January 30, 2007
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A medical term/slang for a patient who is about to go in cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.

It is derived from a shorter way of saying "Code Blue" in hospitals.
"Hey get the AED ready. I think he's about to code on us.
by wbalon July 28, 2012
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1)To write a computer program, or at least a snippet.
2)A computer program, or a portion thereof.
1)I still have to code that subroutine.
2)I can't decypher this obtuse code.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
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