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A term used as a subtitute for "programming".
Joe: Hey Bill, what you up to?
Bill: Just coding.
Joe: You geek.
Bill: Yep :\
by pdc May 21, 2004

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2 brothers from Rotherham, England, Paul and Barry Chuckle have been providing quality comedy for children, seemingly from the beginning of time.
Their successful childrens sitcom 'Chucklevision' has had 17+ series on BBC Television.

Every episode, Paul and Barry are doing some crazy job for 'Dan the Van'. From running a restaurant to becoming butlers - it all goes horribly wrong!

Both: Ello-o!

When moving heavy objects:
Paul: To Me
Barry: To You

On making a mistake:
Barry: Silly me!
Paul: Silly you!
by pdc February 25, 2005

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This is said when something bad has happened to someone - implying that it is was just bad luck.

Could also suggest that this bad luck had to happen to someone.
Tony: Oh gawd - I got paired with Micky D?
Matthew: That's the way the cookie crumbles!
by pdc May 26, 2004

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A term used to emphasise how good something is or how much it was enjoyed.
"Yeah, that's top shelf stuff. Fantastic"
by pdc June 30, 2004

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