Founded in western techcho” is a term used to conversate with real niggas.
Cho lemme suck your dick cho
by I don’t even know fr May 6, 2019
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me caused cHos !!!11!1!!1111!!!?gi9y54thjn frhgeåjf
by NAGP Minigucci June 10, 2019
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An all-powerful being who possesses the ability to steal one's heart in an instant. Tread carefully around CHO-LEE as you do not want to disturb her ever-lasting vibes. One day CHO-LEE will accept her title and rise to power as our ruler here in this realm. People have described CHO-LEE as stunning or breathtaking, so be prepared if her presence ever blesses you.
Speaker: ALL HAIL CHO-LEE!!!

by TheAllKnowing100 June 22, 2023
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I need a new Starbucks name. The dipshit barista pronounced my name Ni-Cho-Las
by Bstad April 21, 2022
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Cho Mane is used in multiple forms to express good feelings, and other things that make people happy.
"Man that was so Cho Mane!
by GucciSwagMasterLAF September 24, 2013
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Fancy puerto rican slang meaning "What's good?". Also can be used as a response to anything.
Sweet haircut.
by chochochoooooo March 6, 2011
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