to snort coke and or coke and molly off of a lit parliment cig thru your nose then after that smoke it like a normal cig effects act like charlie sheen getting roasted on cc
the charlie sheen~take a drag off a parliment cig. while lit dip the r3eccessed filter with coke and molly to the brim then inhale threw your nose after smoking threw your nose repeat step and redose threw your mouth
by //\\//\\admike September 16, 2011
To get crazily drunk or high (or both) to potentially dangerous levels whilst "winning". Usually occurs at parties and in the presence of one or more hookers.

Getting repeatedly Charlie Sheened can result in side effects, such as:

- Winning over here
- Tiger's blood
- Becoming a fricking rock star from Mars
- Winning over there
- Death (only affects fools and amateurs)
Why is there a hooker in the wardrobe?

You obviously got Charlie Sheened last night then.

by CharlieHarper April 4, 2011
The ability to drink and do drugs while looking like a winner.

Taking the stigma out of using methamphetamine and crack.

Getting respect while being publicly intoxicated.

Putting the fun back into disfunction.
"How was the party last night? Did you have a good time?"
"I had a great time...I was fully Charlie Sheening it!"
by notoriousP November 20, 2013
A drug that can only be consumed by Charlie Sheen himself. It is unavailable because of the damage it will do to you. It has face melting power and can cause death.
"I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body" -Charlie Sheen
by sportsfan101990 March 1, 2011
Legendary party animal. Gets the best drugs, booze, and porn whores money can buy. The hardest fucking partyer since Rick James, may he rest in peace (See, that shit'll catch up with you!)

Oh, also star of one of the highest rated tv shows, Two and a Half Men, and he made some halfway decent movies in the 80's.
Dude, I got my 8 ball and I'm meeting up with Buffy and Cindy tonight. I'm ready to get my Charlie Sheen on!
by Cagedape February 7, 2011
When someone has been on a multi day cocaine drug and alcohol binge; bender.
Joey didn't make it to work on Monday. I heard he pulled a Charlie Sheen so it doesn't surprise me.
by Roddyrama February 5, 2011