having sex at least 6 times in a day in 6 different positions with a girl. Three of which must consist of the hummingbird, the donkey punch, and the dirty sanchez.
dude, I did the barry mills yesterday and it was awesome.
by adam wade hansen November 3, 2008
Used to express an off-hand, yet contemptuous dismissal of proposals or opinions, aired publicly, which are inane, ill-informed, glib, bigoted, or otherwise unworthy of anything other than withering derision.
'Wanna have an abdominal crunch competition?'

'No Barry'
by Barry Nomanstein October 14, 2013
Typically a very sexy, sweet guy. Usually British.
If you were to look up the sexiest man alive, there would be a photo of Barry.
by BestCrush February 26, 2010
Is made of the influncers brady potter and larray they are known for being the cutest couple they are really nice but they rarely post videos of each other they collab with other people but not with each other they have a child name kiwi (she is a toy) people can't wait for them to get married
1.barri needs to get married
2.i need barri content
by Raven.4419 June 17, 2021
to puke. its usually used when puking from having too much drink or drugs.
"no more cheers, i think i'm gonna barry it."
by braaphead November 16, 2006
Canada, Ontario:
Barrie is a rural area, about 90 km North of Toronto. There are many bars, homeless people, old people, miners, great views, quiet spots, white people, and semi-attractive girls.

It has an interesting blend of liveliness, solitude, and community.Barrie would be considered busy to someone from a town, and peaceful to someone from a city.
Toronto Citizen: Barrie? You mean Hicksville?

Keswick Citizen: No, Barrie, the crazy busy place!

Chinese Guy: dey awwwwl wiet, why dey no chinees peepole?

Markham White Guy: Sounds nice.
by cheese132 October 31, 2011