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Bad guys, is a series on created by Chris Nosal. If you haven't watched bad guys yet, you do not belong to the kewl people and you get -1 cool points.
Go watch it!
Cool guy: Have you watched the latest "Bad guys" yet?
not-so-cool guy: Bad guys?
cool guy:*slaps* Go watch bad guys, you dickhead!

nuff said
by -Rabies- June 15, 2006
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The tendency of some "geniuses" to tell people of their master plan to destroy them before actually doing it. This usually results in the plan being foiled and said "evil mastermind" getting their comeuppance.
Multiple James Bond Films.

"Oh great, ol' Goldfinger's got diarrhea of the mouth again and is giving his 'Bad Guy Monologue' before he saws the guy in half with a laser..."

"One of these days that's going to bite him in the ass."
by Will Colfax December 20, 2011
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The uncanny ability to miss a target when firing a weapon. Usually applies to any bad guy in any action film ever made.
"Dude, the police in The Matrix had bad guy syndrome real bad. They never even touched Neo and Trinity when they were rescuing Morpheus!"
by zman21 March 4, 2012
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Bad Guy Plush is a plush made by . All funds from the plush go to charity. The plush has a detatchable mask and it is "The Virus."
Bad Guy Plush is a plush produced by .
by mjv2011 July 13, 2021
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When another car is parked in a large parallel metered parking space and is some distance from the meter; you park closer to the meter such that it looks like the other person squeezed into your space, rather than that you squeezed into their space thereby forcing a policeman wielding parking tickets to determine who was the "good guy" and who was the "bad guy."
My good guy-bad guy parking worked. The other car got a ticket for parking illegally and I did not.
by Kevin October 11, 2003
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