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The name of that last bit of beer at the bottom of your glass or can which, to be blunt, tastes like ass. Applies to typically mass produced lager such as Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Molson, Corona, ect. Human taste buds have lower sensitivity at low temperatures. Carbonation also reduces human taste sensitivity. Lager beer (especially the cheap, mass produced stuff) is normally served very cold and extremely carbonated. When you open a fresh bottle it is very cold and very fizzy, so has very little taste. As it warms up and as it loses its carbonation, the actual real taste of the beer will become more predominate. Mass produced lagers (such as Budweiser, Miller, ect.) are made with the cost of production in mind rather than the quality of ingredients and taste. When allowed to warm up and become less fizzy, the real taste of the product can be tasted, which for these beers is often rather horrible.
Jeff - "Hurry up. Let's go."
Jim - "Give me a minute. I gotta finish the ass of a beer. It tastes disgusting"
Jeff - "If it tastes disgusting then why are you even drinking it?"
Jim - "Because it's still beer, you idiot!"
by NothingRhymesWithPizza November 18, 2011
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