A sexual move where one person pleasures a female by stimulating the clitoris with a movement of the thumb, the vagina by movement of the knuckles of the first three fingers, and inserts the thumb into the anus. A tropical variant of the shocker which requires more lubricant. Named due to the shape the hand creates which is the "Shaka" or "Hang Loose" symbol.
The shocker didn't get her going; so, I switched to the aloha. She went nuts after that!

Man, that girl was a freak. She had me aloha-ing all night.
by Smokin Jay March 26, 2010
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Native Hawai'ian language, literal meaning is 'love'. Modern use is as a greeting and a farewell.
by Hubert March 26, 2005
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A woman that is very smart, friendly, and jolly. She is talkative because she express her creative thoughts. You'll never get boring whenever you're with her. She loves to put effort in everything she make. She is a sensitive one. She loves listening to music. She appreciates effort by someone and treasure it forever. She have a lot of friends because of her genuine love and kindness.
Look, its Aloha! She looks beautiful.
I heard she's friendly and smart too!
Let's make friends with her..
by seraphine_4 June 8, 2021
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A group a people from Hawaii that racist people use to defend themselves while being racist but claiming they're not at the same time.
"He's illegal because he does not speak English. I'm not racist! My little nephew's Italian, Mexican, and Aloha! Also my dad is black"
by ShanaBanana82 September 20, 2019
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commonly used Hawaiian word; Hello, Goodbye, and Love. OR Can also be a common girl's name.
Girl : Aloha !

Boy : Oh ! Hello to you to !

Girl : No, sorry I was talking to my friend, "Aloha" *laughs*

Boy : ....Sorry
by teddyISbear December 20, 2011
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It’s commonly used by tourists and locals alike as a way of saying “hello” or “goodbye”, but it also means “love”, “respect”, “compassion”, etc. It’s a word that holds high significance in Hawaiian culture.
The word “aloha” is very well-known across Hawaiʻi and even the mainland US. It’s related to the Tongan word “talofa”.
by kmgk August 24, 2020
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