Someone who sleeps with a lot of people. Usually used to describe a slutty person. Or can be used to describe a person who is very flirtaious and has a habit of leading people on (see Tease).
Man, she's the Village Bicycle! Everyone's had a ride!
by the_grunge_style_of_hiphop September 25, 2003
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A slutty chick who has had sex with many peope. Derived from the meaning of a small town, with one bike to go places. All in all, everybody has ridden the bike.
"Your dating Anglela? Man, shes the village bicycle, dump that bitch."
by Kevin Peterson May 19, 2004
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Someone who is easy to ingage sexual activity on a regular basis and has no problem doing it with with various different individuals.
Niamh is such a village bicycle.
Yeah totally everyone gets a ride!
by Orlando Devon February 01, 2007
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Everyone has taken a ride on it. A skank who will let any slob of a guy (and often ferocious bulldyke chicks too) perform the deed on her because all dongs are the same to her, she will go on the job at the drop of the hat. This slut is so stank that she could walk through a retirement home and a 90-year old with dementia will yell "TRAMP!" White, black, redneck, handicapped, does not matter to this ho. God bless you, village bicycle!
See that ho over there with all the makeup? 9 of my friends have rode that village bicycle!
by PPabs September 24, 2003
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A girl that screws you and everyone else in your crew. Usually within the same weekend. Things like the great escape and scooby snack usually dosent bother them.
Hey Pesci, did you get on the ride on the village bicycle yet?

Man, Kathy is certainly becoming the new village bicycle.
by Mosmack July 18, 2005
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