A 8th Grade middle school student who is very cool and has a segment in the news for his school.
Person 1: Cole On The Streets is the best segment of the news right
Person 2:hell yeah
Cole on the streets: hi
*they both faint*
by Yesssssiirrrrrr May 25, 2022
Fat ass
Eats 2 tons of burger meat daily
Loves violet and beats to her everyday
Cole Radtke is defined as gay fatass

Person 1: Hey do you know who cole is?
Person 2: that sloppy fat ass that jerks to violet?
Person 1: yeah that guy.
Person 3: sorry guys cole is so fat that just the word cole had gravitational pull and it pulled me in!!
by Gabe itch536364 November 18, 2022
A smokin hot babe who for some reason just can’t get enough of his super cool friend jonah
Dang bro Cole’s mama a milf fosho fosho
by Jonah pap May 31, 2021