A woman with extra silicone injected in her lips and buttocks who applies copius amounts of makeup and wears two piece matching sweatsuits with Addidas flip-flops. Often seeing berating nail salon workers so they can get a discount.
The booty clown snapped her fingers in Cheng's face because her nail chipped on the tab of her Monster just two hours after he worked on her.
by doonkune April 20, 2019
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A drunk rat bastard who pursues nothing more than the next cold drink.
Johnny got ahold of the fireball and turned into a real booze clown last night.
by Neil Armstrang December 31, 2016
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Another way to tell a person to go "jack off" or masturbate.
Man: I got a confession to make. Since I've laid eyes on you, I wanted to be with you and have kids together and hopefully raise a family. I love you.

by arkumheartless December 22, 2012
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When you are having anal sex with someone and they fart and it feels like your dick is being blown up like an animal balloon. Similar to jet wash
This chick last night gave me a dirty birthday clown and all morning my whiz has been sputtering, but the jet wash felt great on my balls.
by Donny Bratsco December 12, 2016
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A shoop group comprised of supporters of pedophilia amd child grooming. While they claim affiliation with Clownsec, it's worth noting that Clownsec denies any affiliation with Tears For Clowns, other than admitting that Tears For Clowns was created by a former Clownsec member who had been disavowed.
Has anyone noticed that Tears For Clowns group is comprised of pedo supporters?
by DustinDavis465 October 06, 2019
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1. Verb: To achieve ridiculous goals through ridiculous means.

2. Noun: The condensation formed on the skin of a Sky Clown as it flaps about in the morning dew. The process of officially acquiring these tears is as follows: Place the Sky Clown outside between the hours of midnight and 3am, wait until 7am with correct weather conditions which would produce dew on an average lawn, and then wring the moisture from said Sky Clown before 9am.
My boss wants me to wash my teeth without a brush for the next week, but still wants me to be clean! It's like milking tears from a sky clown over here.
by jimmies be rustled April 08, 2020
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