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A really annoying fandom where girls obsses over 5 overrated boys. A girl who is in the fandom is diagnosed with"one direction infection." Somehow the girls can stand listening to every song of a group of 5 random btutish guys gir years or months. The fandom is considered"the most annoying fandom besides bronies." Almost every girl likes 1D. Some girls become violent. Sonehow they think showing off theyre cannabills and killers makes them look so strong. In reality it just makes them future criminals.
Nick:Hi umm did you finish the proje-

Ari:OMG ONE DIRECTION TORN #The story of my life. You know the urban dictionary says were the most violent fandom ever hehaha so i can get u in da hospital isnt dat amazayn #punny hahaha#one direction fandom LOVERRRRRRRR

(Nick walks away in panic)

Ari:Totes not phenominiall ugh
by ilovepetsandvideogames January 06, 2014
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