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It's the perfect response when you haven't been listening at all.

It works whether the other person has been saying something funny, or sad, or infuriating, or boring....
Them: 'my girlfriend dumped me last night'
You (thirsty, not paying attention): 'oh man, that's crazy'

Them: 'I won 500 bucks at craps last weekend'
You (hungry, daydreaming about a tasty sandwich, not listening): 'wow, that's crazy'
by hapahacker February 10, 2010
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Can be said in most situations after you havnt been listening to make it sound as if you were interested.
Bob: My mum just died...
Greg: Thats Crazy!

Jim: My holiday in france was great
Bill: Thats Crazy!

Kate: Tell me you love me!
Rick: Thats Crazy!
by dingleberrywell March 17, 2010
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A generic response used when you didn't listen to what someone said. Works flawlessly in any story situation(sad, funny, serious).
Random friend:"...Anyways, I've decided to sell my whole collection of coins, regardless of what I can get for them"
You:"That's crazy"

Random friend:"So now Mike is completely heartbroken, she left him for his friend and they've been together for almost 3 years!"
You:"That's crazy"

Random friend:"Adam capped the night with two shots of 151 and ended up throwing up all over the security guard who was escorting him out!!"
You: "That's crazy"
by Tizoxin March 10, 2010
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When something is shocking or are surprised at something someone said and you react and say "That's Crazy!"
John someone hit a stain on my house man That's Crazy !
by Girbaud Tx May 30, 2015
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Oh man when something nutty happenes. It's crazy
"does it come with turbo?"
"They dont make that"
"Does it come with wings?"
"They dont make those"
"Seriously? Thats crazy!"
by Random John July 10, 2003
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1. Something that, said in a response to a statement, can mean practically anything. It is often used to acknowledge a friend's meaningless story, without giving the impression that you don't give a shit.

2. If learned in english, the only phrase needed to carry a conversation with idiots
Example 1. Joe: Then I finally waited till the manager came and got me a new burger WITH pickles!

Jack: (looking through phone) that's crazy...

Joe: I know right!

Example 2:

Joe: So they gave me a mountain Dew Code red instead

Manuel: (spanish accent) Thats crazy meng

Joe: And it turns out the waiter was my cousin

Manuel: That's crazy...

Joe: I know right!
by Maxemelianenko February 21, 2011
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